Elias Barnreiter, Kilian Bergmann, Katharina Burger, Vivien Csernecky, Alexander Eberle, Miriam Ensslen, Nicklas Hoffmann, Charlotte Jaensch, 
Astrid Jaksic, Veronika Karlstetter, Joscha Lange, Antonia Lippert, Benjamin Mathias, Leonie Oberhauser, Anna Pentzlin, Madeleine Ritter, 
Charlotte Jaensch, Ilka Sander, Valerija Saplev, Angela Sauermann, Simone Scharlach, Mirjam Schmalzl, Lucia Schwab  


We, the glitch, will encrypt.

<p>We, the glitch, will encrypt.</p>

Only as refusal
will our data
continue to perform,

<p>Only as refusal <br />will our data <br />continue to perform, <br />transform,<br /> transmute, <br />transmogrify, <br />travel.</p> 

Like computer viruses,
we escape extinction
through our ability to morph and survive,
exist in perpetual motion,
navigating parallel conditions
of time and memory.

 <p>Like computer viruses, <br />anti-bodies <br />we escape extinction <br />through our ability to morph and survive, <br />exist in perpetual motion, <br />navigating parallel conditions <br />of time and memory.</p>

the glitch are,
an error,
a mistake,
a failure to function.

 <p>We, <br />the glitch are, <br />an error, <br />a mistake, <br />a failure to function.</p>

Within technoculture,
we are part of machinic anxiety,
indicators of something
having gone wrong.

 <p>Within technoculture, <br />we are part of machinic anxiety, <br />indicators of something <br />having gone wrong.</p>

The trial of reproduction
produces errors,
failures that are something new
that could expand your reality.

 <p>The trial of reproduction <br />produces errors, <br />failures that are something new <br />that could expand your reality.</p>

To glitch the body
requires the simultaneous occupation of
some-where and no-where,
no- thing and every-thing.

 <p>To glitch the body <br />requires the simultaneous occupation of <br />some-where and no-where, <br />no- thing and every-thing.</p>

Within reproduction,
it’s to be
only body

 <p>Within reproduction, <br />it’s to be <br />only body <br />or <br />nobody.</p>

As encrypted
(machinic, social, cultural) material
we remind you
that there are gaps

 <p>As encrypted <br />(machinic, social, cultural) material <br />we remind you <br />that there are gaps</p>

and hidden histories,
parts of the ...
that ... cannot [be]
heard and stories ... [that]
will never [be] know[n]"
to certain audiences.

 <p>and hidden histories, <br />parts of the ... <br />file <br />that ... cannot [be] <br />heard and stories ... [that] <br />will never [be] know[n]" <br />to certain audiences.</p>

as a process,
indicates the encoding of a
rendering it
unreadable or
to those unauthorized to decipher it.

 <p>Encryption, <br />as a process, <br />indicates the encoding of a <br />message, <br />rendering it <br />unreadable or <br />inaccessible <br />to those unauthorized to decipher it.</p>

To consider us,
the glitch,
as a form of encryption,
render the plaintext of the body
(e.g., the body viewed through a normative, binary lens)
as ciphertext
(e.g., a glitched body, queered and encrypted).

 <p>To consider us,<br />the glitch, <br />as a form of encryption, <br />render the plaintext of the body <br />(e.g., the body viewed through a normative, binary lens) <br />as ciphertext <br />(e.g., a glitched body, queered and encrypted).</p>

[...] we want to ghost the binary body.

 <p>[...] we want to ghost the binary body.</p>

*stolen meaning:
maybe it turns out,
that you don’t need the first meaning anymore.

 <p>*stolen meaning:<br />maybe it turns out, <br />that you don’t need the first meaning anymore.</p>

 <p>you can follow the interruptions now.</p>

you can follow the interruptions now.


<p>something happened <br />so that <br />they (the objects, my objects, the objects of my desire) <br />suddenly lost their status <br />and their signification</p>

something happened
so that
they (the objects, my objects, the objects of my desire)
suddenly lost their status
and their signification

<p>within <br />my system <br />of meaning and references.<br />the properly <br />romantic–poetic–task <br />is not to dissipate <br />or reabsorb chaos, <br />but to construct it <br />or to make a work <br />from disorganization.</p>

my system
of meaning and references.
the properly
is not to dissipate
or reabsorb chaos,
but to construct it
or to make a work
from disorganization.

<p>"Fantasy images, <br />framed image-objects<br />and what we see around us <br />are three different <br />things existing in different spaces.</p> 

"Fantasy images,
framed image-objects
and what we see around us
are three different
things existing in different spaces.

<p><br />Each involves <br />different relations <br />between subject and look.</p>

Each involves
different relations
between subject and look.


<p><br />The actualisation <br />of fantasy scenarios <br />into framed <br />image-objects (still or moving) <br />necessarily passes through <br />the&nbsp;defiles of the signifier&nbsp;[...] <br />as well as through <br />the distortion processes <br />unconscious signifiers <br />are subjected to <br />when passing <br />into consciousness"</p>

The actualisation
of fantasy scenarios
into framed
image-objects (still or moving)
necessarily passes through
the defiles of the signifier [...]
as well as through
the distortion processes
unconscious signifiers
are subjected to
when passing
into consciousness"

<p><em>**borrowed words from:&nbsp;glitch feminism, Pein der Form, Looks and frictions</em></p>


**borrowed words from: glitch feminism, Pein der Form, Looks and frictions by Legacy Russell




Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Spenglerei Georg Barnreiter